Monday, November 9, 2009

My Questions

Somebody help me out.

1.) Why is going faster than light impossible? There's no work-around?

2.) How exactly could there be other universes? How does that work?

3.) When they explain M-Theory on documentaries, they also show these sheets rippling and these sheets represent different universes. I just want to know what is that space in between the sheets? Is that the intergalactic medium again? Some sort of hyperspace medium void thing? What is that supposed to be?

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Mark said...

I'm not exactly sure with any of these questions. Even after reading all kinds of stuff and watched video explaining the other "dimensions" I never understood them. Brian Greene talks about how the dimensions are all wrapped up but it never was ever clear to me WHY they were different dimensions.

Also, don't know about why things can't go faster than light other than the fact that I remember hearing that it would take infinite energy to travel that fast. I have no idea why it's like that. Does anyone else?