Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maybe I Get It

I feel like the metaphor of a cat dying or not is so fucking dramatic that I lost the point of what it was trying to say. If you say that looking at something makes electrons bounce and changes things I understand that but once you make some metaphor that makes me believe my eyes have magical powers that can kill cats I don't understand it anymore. 

So the very act of measuring something or looking at something changes that things electrons. That's it, right? 

How does this have ANYTHING to do with fate? Or universes branching off or cats being alive or not?

I ask this because what's a few electrons? That's my FIRST impression. So a few electrons bounce around. Not much will change, right? If I dump water outside my door into the grass, not much will change in my fate or anyone else's, right? Maybe that grass will live to see another day but that's about it. So again, the point I don't understand is that how does this quantum level interact with people's fates and cause universes to branch off?

OK, maybe I don't get it...

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