Sunday, November 15, 2009


(In reference to Schroedinger's Cat)

In other words, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time until
it is observed. Then it becomes one or the other. The act of observing
changes the state of the observed thing.<br>

My reply:

Is it the external fact that our eyes have gazed upon that thing that changed it or is the internal subjective factor that us comprehending whatever we see that makes the cat dead or alive?

Ah, I think I just thought of something. So this is about ...if the cat's quantum level were directly linked to his being alive or not ...and if we're talking about the observer changing the quantum level ...the if we look at the cat, that will determine its fate?&nbsp;


Wouldn't it depend on which universe WE'RE in too? Not just the cat? In one universe the observer observes the cat alive and in one universe the observer observes the cat being dead. I feel like that has nothing to do with with the actual observer but everything to do with what universe the observer is in.&nbsp;

Am I wrong?

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Mark said...

Doesn't this whole business of "observing quantum events changes them" only really come down to the fact that we bounce electrons off of things to be able to see them? Isn't it just common sense that throwing other particles at something would make it behave differently?

If so, then wouldn't this be not really that big of a deal?