Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Ideas

My father always says that he thinks there might be something to evolution but he always wonders how those first cells got there to evolve in the first place. This is kind of his reasoning for God. Here's a video explaining a good theory for Abiogenesis, or explaining the origins of life by natural means...

To me (so far) the order goes like this...

1. Big bang. (which might have been a continuation of collapsing White hole. There might not have been a "beginning" ever. It's hard to wrap your mind around but the universe might truly be some way or another.

2. From the Big Bang comes a shitload of dust, gases, etc and all the molecules and shit that eventually form together to build life.

The question at this point is how did the Big Bang allow for physics and reality to come into being in such a way and how did all of the molecules, gases, and atoms get here from the Big Bang? How did the Big Bang ("allow for") for this "creation?" The best explanation I can come up with concerning this is that "that's just the way it happened (universal evolution). It's easy to see that these things in this video could make life but then it goes back a bit do these molecules and atoms and the Big Bang relate? It'd be interesting if there was some way to trace this "data" to back before the Big Bang to whatever that universe was before this one before its Big Crunch into a black hole and then that black hole turning into a White Hole (which is our Big Bang) and thus creating the universe we know. (Also, it'd be interesting if there were any theories on how universal laws and physics could be different iin a different universe.

3. The planets and star systems form and then the building blocks for life started in some way similar to what's being described in the video above.

There's even theories that comets could have brought life here from another galaxy.

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