Friday, March 27, 2009

With or Without

You know how they always say that the universe was the size of an atom at the time of the Big Bang? I always wondered if that dot included the intergalactic void. Did the dot just include the matter or all the matter and all the space in between? If it included the void, where was this dot existing if there wasn't even a void? If it did not include the void, does that mean the void itself is older than the universe? Does the void connect to other dimensions? Does it act like a server for that sort of a thing?

Also, if space is expanding this is implying that the void "is" something and also that it has some kind if boundary. What would this "wall" consist of? Also, if this is so, are there any theories about what's outside this universal limit? The way this is always described makes it sound like the space for galaxies to move away from each other is always increasing. I was wondering if the galaxies themselves influence this expanding of the void. Are they stretching the boundary?

Any ideas?

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