Sunday, October 31, 2010

Existence on a basic level

I'd like to talk about existence and what it might mean on the most basic level. Let's start with something popping into existence from nothing.

Bam! Something pops into existence. Let's call this lone something, "A". Since A is the only thing in existence, it's shape and size are indefinable. This would make it infinite and we could think of it as our "Jello mold" universe where everything will happen.

And don't try imagining this lone existing A from an outside view either. If A exists from when there once was nothing, then there is nothing around it. But that's misleading too, because there shouldn't be any "around it" anyway. This means it should have no boundaries. A would have to exist in an infinite state of being because it is the only thing in existence. There is no outside, only an inside. Only itself in one state of being.

So we now have our Jello mold universe. It is in one unchanging state which can't be defined because it is the only thing in existence. Now here comes "B" popping into existence inside of the A mold, a tight squeeze. Remember, it can't exist outside of the mold because there is nothing outside. The mold is infinite. If B DID pop into existence separately from the mold, then it would be it's own, totally new infinite universe. There would be no way the two could interact with each other.

OK, so some thing with some shape, B, is inside of our mold. Oh, and also, size has no meaning for B since it's inside of infinity. The only way size can start to have meaning is if there were something else there with B to compare to.

Alright, now let's talk about location. How could something exist inside something that was infinite and have a actual specific location inside of that infinite space? Location is only something that can be determined through the comparison between something else, but since there is nothing else in the infinite mold, location has no meaning. Location should also be an indeterminable factor inside of the infinite mold. Being in one place inside of the mold would be exactly the same as being in another place. And since the mold only has one state of being, there shouldn't really be any one place something could be since that would imply there are actual places inside of the mold that are different from other places in the mold.

So what are the possibilities?
Here are a few ideas...

1. Since B can't exist with a specific size in comparison to the mold, B fills up the mold and replaces it completely.
2. B exists everywhere at the same time.

Number two could be a little like the "One-electron universe
" theory.

This is me trying to logically imagine some kind of beginning from nothing and what it might mean. Please share any ideas and/or criticism.

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