Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One of the biggest arguments for God or the afterlife or just "something out there" or "something that goes beyond our understanding" is that things are just set into motion too perfectly. There's just too much going on that it couldn't just be "chance." There must be some sort of creator or, if not a creator, some sort of driving force or forces making this universe of ours work. There is a quote that I heard one time that goes, "It would be much easier for there to be nothing than something." The quote is about how the universe usually chooses the easiest and most direct route. Why and/or how would things exist rather than not exist? I suppose in this discussion, we'll get into questioning the meaning of existance and chance.

Also, I would like to discuss about the human brain in relation to these questions. Is the reason that people might think "there's something more" is because we are sentient and have an overactive ego because of that. Because of this overactive ego, do we think of things such as God or the hereafter? Is it just some biological need, some misplaced and misused survival instinct and/or instinct for self-preservation? If you mix sentience with the need for self-preservation, do you automatically get the need for all those things?

Please post entries in response to this, not comments. I want to hear your opinions. Thanks!

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